1. How engagement points are calculated?

    One engagement point is given for a transaction value of INR 100. However, it is credited to the members account in two phases:

    1. 20% of eligible Engagement points on every lead shared
    2. 80% of eligible Engagement points on every lead converted

    The maximum eligible points cannot exceed 1% of transaction value. In case of a mismatch between lead and actual transaction applicable adjustment will be done in the second phase.
  2. Can I Register everyone in my team?

    Registration is by invitation only. However you can refer a friend or colleague on J-Aspire website.
    Registration also mean agreement to terms & conditions of Johnson Aspire. Therefore individual consent is must. Company reserves the rights to accept/validate/reject enrollment request at any point of time.
  3. Who will all be part of Johnson Aspire Program?

    Johnson Aspire is a platform for eminent Architects, Interior designers, and project management consultants, associating them with the company to explore the features and benefits.
  4. What information is required in the enrollment/ relationship form?

    The program required both the Personal as well as professional details. The members are requested to fill all the details given in the online form completely. Our call center will also call from time to time to update the details.
  5. Where should I Contact for any queries or technical help?

    We have deployed Johnson Aspire' Program Center for any such help. Please see the contact details of program center at the end of this Broucher.
  6. Can I redeem my points against cash?

  7. Can I club my points with any other Architect/ Interior Designer?

    No, points are non-transferable and cannot be transferred to any other member registered in the program.



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